Is the Okanagan a good place to raise kids and start a family?

The Okanagan is an ideal place to raise family. Whether it’s Kelowna, Vernon or Penticton you will have a nice and peaceful small town living experience if you decide to live in the Okanagan. Here are the main reasons why it is a great place to live with family.



There are many good schools in Okanagan. You can choose from various elementary schools, high schools, public and private schools. There are colleges and the University of British Columbia Okanagan Campus. Therefore,  you won’t need to worry about your child’s education at all if you live here.

Extra-curricular activities


There are beautiful parks, beaches, and different recreational facilities where your children can have a great time. There are different programs to develop the health and brain of a child. There are gyms and various sports. There is a renowned Soccer Academy where people of all ages can join. There are swim club, hockey club, etc. Tournaments take place throughout the year where the kids can participate. There are opportunities for many exciting outdoor sports like horseback riding, skiing, mountain biking, etc. for people of all ages. If your kids are more interested in indoor activities, then there are dance schools, figure skating, art and music programs, gymnastics programs, etc. Our resident active living Kelowna real estate agents are located on Harvey St. at the head RE/MAX office there.

Family support


There are many after-school programs and daycare facilities available in Okanagan. The parents can work or spend some free time by enrolling their children in these programs. The neighborhood is very friendly, and the people will come to help you whenever you need them.

Okanagan has all the facilities that a large city can offer. So, you can comfortably live here and raise your family. You will lead a peaceful life living in such a beautiful place.